Access Fundings, Tools, Expertise to Thrive in the Crypto World.
We invest in disruptive VR, AI and Web3  blockchain technology companies, advising and building hands-on the new generation of financial applications.

We Focus Exclusively On Adding Value To Blockchain & Emerging Technology Projects With Real World Applications.

We Aim To Empower Some Of The Most Promising Entrepreneurs With The Resources To Make Their Vision Of Blockchain & Emerging Technology In The Global Economy A Reality.
Are You Working On An Innovative Startup?


we offer a range of services and solutions to help you grow and succeed.


We invest in promising crypto projects and companies, helping them grow and thrive.
We provide expert advice and guidance on a range of issues, including compliance, marketing, and user acquisition.


Unlock perks and tool to help you scale: Cloud services, CRM, automation tools and much are for free or with very high discount for our portfolio companies.


We help our portfolio companies grow by providing access to our extensive network of investors, key opinion leaders (KOLs), and millions of users.


We provide tools and resources to help our portfolio companies comply with regulations and stay ahead of the curve.

Product market fit

We make sure you onboard users that help fine tune your offering, increase your product quality ad generate revenues.


Our team is composed of OG supporting any blockchains with an unmatched technical expertise.
Our portfolio companies get access to our source code and tech stack to speed up their product developent and lower their costs.

World standard regulatory frameworks and tools to scale and keep complying with regulation for all our portfolio projects.
Scale quick and keep focusing on what matter.

24H crypto compliance forensic network and security monitoring.
Real time data and intelligence powered by certified network.
Open source, collaborative tokenised license for max power.
Co-integration services helping you reach million of users.

-The global standard for crypto compliance (trustworthy results)
-Real time wallet pass and certification hubs for on/off chain
-Quantitative data and AI ready models and datasets.
-Cortex certified get trust from institutions, Defi project, users
-Access the Cortex ecosystem: Users, KOL, VCs
-Access Cortex open sourced architecture, adapters and tools
-YOU shape the future of finance.

Projects we scaled so ubiquitous they offers utility for financial institutions to crypto users.

Blockchain Bridge


Powerful forensic
AML tools


Everything you need
for Crypto


The Easiest
Crypto App.


Web3 Finance, Media,


Convert FIAT coins
to Crypto


Do you have what it takes?

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Pitch your project today and secure funding, advisory and growth.


Write smart contracts with in built AML compliance

When you are building a new piece of innovation, protect your users to interact from compromised wallets, make it compliant from the first line of code, make it easier for regulated institution to use your decentralised service.
Adding 1 line of code in your smart contract, let you verify if the connected wallet respect the regulation in term of anti money laundry.

Tier 1

VC,DEX, CEX, IDO platforms


Screened Market Makers




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Trusted by millions

Get your project in front of millions of user to get feedback, ensure project market fit, show traction and generate revenues. Along with fundings ad advisory we onboard you in the largest KOL networks.

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Join an ecosystem of more than 400 web3 projects.


Reach Market Quicker

With our standardised API and source code, our portfolio projects access ready to use code that you can customise and improve as you love it.

Cortex AG

About us

Cortex is a company group from the crypto valley, registered in Zug (Switzerland) - At Cortex, we understand the challenges that crypto projects face. From compliance issues to attracting users and investors, the crypto world can be tough to navigate. That's why we offer a range of services and solutions to help you grow and succeed.