Who we are and why we're doing this

We want to provide everybody access to the immense wealth of data contained in blockchains in order to increase understanding, adoption and value creation.

Our Mission

We build technologies and ideas to empower people all around the world with digital assets tools that provide them trust, security, intelligence for them to grow their knowledge, wealth and access digital freedom.

Our Role

As though leaders, our role and responsibility is to provide the highest quality, guidance and tool to every users no matter where they live.

Our Values

Creativity, openness, transparency and eager to learn and define fair standards with people for an industry that we love


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Partners Worldwide

A core leadership team made of passionate humans building the future of finance

Technical Achievements:
2022 Global compliance standard on/off chain.
2021 1.5 Millions MAU
2020 First Cortex architectures are sold to banks.
2019 Solved interoperability between blockchain
2018 Standardised compliance (AML)
2017 Core banking system crypto. (250 Banks to support BTC/ETH/DEFI)
2016 Portfolio Management for digital assets
2015 Pricing informations for digital assets (CMA)

Karim Chaib
Djamil Chaib
Head partnership
Alex charalembous
Head products
Maria Stamenova
Head marketing
Roxane Lo
Head communication
Johny Beattie
Community lead
Philipp Hecht
Head system and compliance
Roger Krondorf
Head art & Design